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Tips to perfect your Hunting Range

LAX Ammo SLC, would like to share fundamentals that will help improve your hunting range. Hunters generally struggle with their marksmanship. What we aim to do here is help improve that through providing helpful tips that will help from preparation to practice.


If looking to expand your hunting range, you should both monitor your equipment and training. To prepare your equipment you should check for things such as making sure you are using either a crossover rifle or a carbon fiber wrapped barrel. In addition to this, you should utilize air-filled support bags for rests. Along with this, it essential that you should be aware of the areas you need to improve in before practice so that you are practicing proper habits.


Some of the challenges hunters face include rifle limitations. This includes that hunter rifles have limited optics and should be shot in a particular manner. Once you familiarize yourself with the limitations of your rifle such as these, you can then adapt your training to reflect this knowledge. This will allow your hunting skills to improve as you actively work to work within the limitations.  

A key aspect that needs to be managed is heat. In order to maintain proper thermal levels, the number of shots taken should be controlled. The rate of heat increase correlates with the rate of shots that are taken. For this reason, ammunition should be used individually.

Another aspect to bring into focus are the offsets. The atmospheric changes you face definitely carry significance. Therefore, it is crucial to make the proper scope adjustments. Hence, it is important for you to learn to change turret elevations based on your traveling environments.


The first step in making improvements in your hunting range is recognizing what areas need work. Once this is accomplished, you should be implementing your new knowledge to your training. In order to improve your craft and truly improve the areas you were once struggling in, you need to practice. A significant amount of time should be spent training and physically implementing the information you learned. This way, you are not practicing and perfecting previous bad habits and rather are truly making a difference in your hunting range.

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