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Winter is Coming: What to pack for the Snow

Our ammo retail store in South Salt Lake City may be used to snowy days during the winter, but when we do go on trips, we always make sure we’re prepared! Below we list what you should carry every day, what to put in your vehicle and items for the long trips.


Our ammo store providers know that if you live in snow areas, there are a couple of items we recommend you have with you daily. Besides your cell phone and keys, you should have a first aid kit, pocket knife, water, protein bars, flashlights, and a thermal blanket. Of course, these items can be scattered around between your pockets, bag, and car.

As for firearms, an M&P 9mm with a spare mag will be weightless on a gun belt. You can also consider carrying two spare 17-round mags for an M&P depending on your preference.


When you’re out in the snow and come back in your car or cabin, your clothing might get drenched from the melted snow. Having extra clothes in the trunk will save you from catching a cold from damp clothing. Your change of clothes should include a t-shirt, jeans, underwear, a pair of socks, thermals, gloves, and a jacket.

Besides clothes, you also want to have hand warmers, water purifiers, and the basics to start a fire for obvious reasons. Also having lotion, road salt, and penetrating oil will be very useful for freezing temperatures. The lotion will be your best friend when you’re out in the snow because you can get cold burns on your face and hands. Penetrating oil can help with frozen locks or help start your fire.


Our ammo store in Salt Lake City may be used to snow days, but we know when you plan to go on a snow adventure, you’re most likely going to be in an area that has no cell phone service. If your day goes from 3-hours of snow fun to 3 days stuck in the cold, you want to be prepared for the worst. Aside from the items mentioned before, you also want to pack: waterproof matches, calorie bars, signal mirror, spare batteries, one blanket per person, large blade knife, folding shovel, compass, and a minimalist emergency shelter.


As an ammo store in Salt Lake City, we want to make sure you’re equipped with your winter necessities. We offer weekly ammo deals and our facilities are filling daily with new tactical gear.

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