LAX Ammunition is on its way to Salt Lake County and is sure to be the valley’s premier ammunition retail store, delivering the best prices on factory new and reloaded ammunition. We take pride in offering the largest and most comprehensive selection of brand-name target, home-defense and hunting ammo as well as our American-Made, Quality-Guaranteed, LAX brand ammunition. 

We are a family-owned and operated ammo shop stocked with ammunition in nearly every caliber and brand. Whether you are looking for .22 to .50 cal, handgun or shotgun, ball ammo or hollow-point, bulk rifle or lead-free hunting ammunition, we have what you need at a price you can afford.

In the year 2009, LAX Firing Range Inc. established LAX AMMO. Ammunition was at a scarce, prices were ridiculously high, and retailers did not have a decent supply of any caliber. Though LAX continues to stock and carry a large supply of new factory brand ammunition, we knew we could bring a high quality reload to the market and to our range customers with substantial savings. In addition to manufacturing our own high quality reload and new ammunition, LAX has gone direct with companies such as Remington, Tula Ammo, Fiocchi, Winchester and Federal/CCI, which allows us to offer our costumers additional savings.  We also purchase in huge quantities with distributors of PMC to get the best pricing possible.

Picture taken at our LAX Ammo Los Angeles Location

You will find LAX retail stores in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento (run by Redline Ballistics) and now FINALLY in the Salt Lake Valley. In addition to traditional brands like Remington, Fiocchi, American Eagle, Winchester, Hornady (and many others), all LAX retail stores will have a full line of LAX manufactured ammunition in both reloaded and factory new calibers.

What People Say

This is by far the best bulk ammo I have purchased. The price point is outstanding- especially when on sale. I have shot over 3,000 rounds of LAX ammo with no FTE or other common problems found in bulk ammo. If you enjoy getting in some range time, this is what you need.

By Russel via http://www.laxammo.com

I have purchased online 45 ACP 9mm and .223 I now have many of your empty ammo boxes is company is absolutely outstanding. I have not had one single Jam in anything. I usually purchase when they have a shipping promo but even still there almost half the cost of buying new ammo I cant understand why anybody would buy new anymore especially for just out planking. I highly recommend this company

By Tony via http://www.laxammo.com

This stuff is beautiful. Put about 15 magazines of my order down-range last week. Not a single malfunction of any kind, the groups were tighter than usual (for me) at 100 yards, and the rifle was very clean I took it apart after my range visits. Didnt even see the teeny brass flakes I sometimes see in LAX Ammos 9mm bulk purchase. This stuff is absolutely gorgeous … and the manufacturing quality shows through. Anything around .30cents per round for this high quality ammo, is a steal.

By Rusty_In_OR via http://www.laxammo.com