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Review of Top Long Range Hunting Ammo

LAX Ammo has reviewed some of the top Long-Range Ammo on the market:

According to hunting rifle sales, a great many hunters want more range out of their shot. Because of the demand, a huge leap in long-range ammunition has developed. Projectiles have become more accurate and offer more advanced terminal performance-characteristics than ever before. Also, there have been great strides with factory ammunition in terms of standard deviation of velocity. Because of this, there are now several amazing big game factory loads. LAX Ammo specialists discusses further:


  • Impossible to beat in terms of terminal performance and accuracy
  • Couples accuracy with top-of-class toughness
  • Reliable expansion but sheds almost 0 weight
  • Cartridges are nickel-plated to stop corrosion in damp climates


  • Offers the best terminal performance of this entire list
  • Rear half is monolithic so it does not fragment on impact
  • Will expand beautifully at low impact velocity while holding together quite well at high impact velocity.
  • Slip Stream tip is heat-erosion resistant so it won’t degrade at a long range
  • Projectile and case are black-nickel plated to prevent corrosion


  • In terms of best all around, this is probably the leader of the pack
  • Combines amazing accuracy with good terminal performance and high BCs
  • Its projectile has an effective positive-expansion engineered in
  • Assuming good placement, always kills fast
  • Loaded in match grade brass case


  • Cartridge cases are best of any listed here
  • Cases have best in class consistency
  • Superb construction and metallurgy
  • Can provide amazing accuracy with the right rifle (note: fewer rifles shoot them with top-level accuracy than others on this list)
  • Terminal performance is great, though not the toughest bullet.
  • Company recently tested bullet’s BC and updated numbers


  • Nickel plated cartridge cases protect against corrosion
  • Charged with Winchester propellants
  • If you plan on shooting the ABLR, test out both loads, most likely, your rifle will likely prefer one over the other.
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The 6.5 Creedmoor continuously hits the mark

The 6.5 Creedmoor has captured the imagination of the 21st century unlike any cartridge before it. It seems that the 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo will continue to impress in the years to come. In fact, the 6.5 Creedmoor is quite likely America’s best metric cartridge. It is highly efficient and requires less powder than other 6.5 shots to do the same job. This is partly due to the fact that Dave Emary, a leading ballistics scientist, was a main contributor to the 6.5 design.

If you are an American gun shooter, you most likely love the .30 caliber. Since its advent over a century ago, the medium bore has captured the heart of the nation. However, in the past decade, the preference seems to have shifted from the .30 to the 6.5mm and there was one specific cartridge that was at the heart of the conversation, the 6.5 Creedmoor.

At some point, the general consensus was that it would be great if there existed a commercially-loaded cartridge that could offer a consistent shot for long range shots. So, the ballistic brains got together and came up with the ideal long-range ammunition. It was necessary that the ammo had a good ballistic coefficient to overcome gravity and wind. It was also necessary to have low-chamber pressure for barrel life and case extension. 

6.5 Creedmoor Ammo has been proven in the field of competition and has been embraced by the general shooting public. In fact, it may be the first cartridge to be embraced by the general American public. However, this is not just a fad or a fluke, 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo performs. The 6.5 Creedmoor is supersonic at the 1.200-yard mark and has helped shooters group tighter than ever before, in fact, the 6.5 Creedmoor has some of the best ballistic coefficients around. So if we were to predict the future, we anticipate that marksmen will continue to embrace the 6.5 in the years to come.

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Tips to perfect your Hunting Range

LAX Ammo SLC, would like to share fundamentals that will help improve your hunting range. Hunters generally struggle with their marksmanship. What we aim to do here is help improve that through providing helpful tips that will help from preparation to practice.


If looking to expand your hunting range, you should both monitor your equipment and training. To prepare your equipment you should check for things such as making sure you are using either a crossover rifle or a carbon fiber wrapped barrel. In addition to this, you should utilize air-filled support bags for rests. Along with this, it essential that you should be aware of the areas you need to improve in before practice so that you are practicing proper habits.


Some of the challenges hunters face include rifle limitations. This includes that hunter rifles have limited optics and should be shot in a particular manner. Once you familiarize yourself with the limitations of your rifle such as these, you can then adapt your training to reflect this knowledge. This will allow your hunting skills to improve as you actively work to work within the limitations.  

A key aspect that needs to be managed is heat. In order to maintain proper thermal levels, the number of shots taken should be controlled. The rate of heat increase correlates with the rate of shots that are taken. For this reason, ammunition should be used individually.

Another aspect to bring into focus are the offsets. The atmospheric changes you face definitely carry significance. Therefore, it is crucial to make the proper scope adjustments. Hence, it is important for you to learn to change turret elevations based on your traveling environments.


The first step in making improvements in your hunting range is recognizing what areas need work. Once this is accomplished, you should be implementing your new knowledge to your training. In order to improve your craft and truly improve the areas you were once struggling in, you need to practice. A significant amount of time should be spent training and physically implementing the information you learned. This way, you are not practicing and perfecting previous bad habits and rather are truly making a difference in your hunting range.

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Winter is Coming: What to pack for the Snow

Our ammo retail store in South Salt Lake City may be used to snowy days during the winter, but when we do go on trips, we always make sure we’re prepared! Below we list what you should carry every day, what to put in your vehicle and items for the long trips.


Our ammo store providers know that if you live in snow areas, there are a couple of items we recommend you have with you daily. Besides your cell phone and keys, you should have a first aid kit, pocket knife, water, protein bars, flashlights, and a thermal blanket. Of course, these items can be scattered around between your pockets, bag, and car.

As for firearms, an M&P 9mm with a spare mag will be weightless on a gun belt. You can also consider carrying two spare 17-round mags for an M&P depending on your preference.


When you’re out in the snow and come back in your car or cabin, your clothing might get drenched from the melted snow. Having extra clothes in the trunk will save you from catching a cold from damp clothing. Your change of clothes should include a t-shirt, jeans, underwear, a pair of socks, thermals, gloves, and a jacket.

Besides clothes, you also want to have hand warmers, water purifiers, and the basics to start a fire for obvious reasons. Also having lotion, road salt, and penetrating oil will be very useful for freezing temperatures. The lotion will be your best friend when you’re out in the snow because you can get cold burns on your face and hands. Penetrating oil can help with frozen locks or help start your fire.


Our ammo store in Salt Lake City may be used to snow days, but we know when you plan to go on a snow adventure, you’re most likely going to be in an area that has no cell phone service. If your day goes from 3-hours of snow fun to 3 days stuck in the cold, you want to be prepared for the worst. Aside from the items mentioned before, you also want to pack: waterproof matches, calorie bars, signal mirror, spare batteries, one blanket per person, large blade knife, folding shovel, compass, and a minimalist emergency shelter.


As an ammo store in Salt Lake City, we want to make sure you’re equipped with your winter necessities. We offer weekly ammo deals and our facilities are filling daily with new tactical gear.