The Rise of LAX Ammo

Picture of original LAX Ammunition store in Los Angeles

The original LAX Ammunition brand and retail store was established in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Built right next door to the LAX Firing Range, which has been a mainstay for local as well as nonlocal shooting enthusiasts since its establishment on January 2,1995.

Our goal, to provide a local alternative to popular ammunition brands in response to the expensive ammunition market. In the early days, LAX provided customers with popular existing brands of ammunition, but discovered that we could greatly decrease the cost to our customers by manufacturing our own brand of high-quality ammunition. Both new and reloaded rounds are manufactured using state of the art equipment and made right here in the USA.

Our mass production facilities manufacture quality rounds daily, allowing us to provide you with greater bulk options on most calibers. We are grateful that the ammunition market has embraced LAX and with celerity has become the largest ammunition loading center on the West Coast.